By listening to the Body, we tap into an immense intelligence and wisdom! We are able to reduce stress and burnout, increase focus and energy, and connect in less reactive ways with others. We learn to trust this Embodied Presence in our daily actions and interactions. Living from this expanded self-awareness helps us to activate our Potential - in our organizations and beyond.




My story

As a teenager, I was often totally disconnected from my body. My energy levels and moods fluctuated, and my daily interactions were often the cause of great anxiety. Yet the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed did not get to the root of the issue.

Over a decade ago, I began exploring mindfulness and meditation, and this journey began with my Breath. I began reconnecting with the wisdom of my Body. I have worked with various teachers, mentors and methods in my research on Body Awareness over these years. Working through a 3-year illness was probably my most in-depth research project on the subject.

I discovered that disconnect from the Body and chronic illness are collective and prevalent issues in the modern age. In fields of high work loads, pressure, and brain-focused approaches, these issues can be even more apparent.

As I continue learning to listen, understand, and dialogue with the language of my Body, I find the impacts on my life are tremendous. I am now growing my business to share this work with others, to spread that Joy.

And it all starts with the Breath.

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Do you ever find that the work load or the pressure builds up as tension in your shoulders or pain your back?

Or maybe you feel like you just don’t have the energy for that mile-long list of “to-do’s”?

Perhaps you feel pulled in so many directions needing your attention that it’s hard to stay focused and on track.

Sometimes in all that running around and doing, staying one step ahead, we can forget we even have a Body at all! The world of business can be rewarding in many ways. Yet it can also be a field with high stress, many expectations, and multiple priorities to balance!

Breath for Business uses the simplicity of mindful, diaphragmatic breathing to reduce stress, increase energy, and enhance focus. This is also a space for colleagues to connect on a basic human level (after all, we can’t get more basic than the breath!).

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We can better meet the demands and even possibly enjoy our jobs more, all from the simple act of Breathing!

The program is one month, and I come to your company for 2 to 4 sessions per week. The weekly sessions include guided Breath Awareness practices with space for discussion and feedback. I will customize the program to the needs of your organization, and depending on frequency and needs, the price will vary. Prices start at CHF 799.- for groups between 4-8. There is an option to continue with further programs after the one month cycle is complete.

Please contact me below to discuss a custom offer.

May your Breath be a ground for your empowerment, in your work life and beyond.

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