Embodied Awareness:

We have the Power to birth our Evolution.

What is embodied awareness?

Embodied Awareness is becoming conscious from a whole-body system.

This process is based on Wisdom as old as Nature Herself, yet seen through the eyes of modern Human.

What is the value for me?

Embodied Awareness is a way of connecting more deeply to yourself, to others, and to the world around you.

By consciously accessing the intelligence of the entire body, we can access more of our life force potential. Through activation of this potential, we can create new ways of perceiving the world, re-wire our system to reduce stress and increase joy and pleasure, and learn to listen to the messages of the body and emotions for healing and disease prevention. We empower ourselves by accessing our own inner POWER.

We re-balance our lives from within.

What is the value for us?

Embodied Awareness is a way we can activate potential and life force as a collective.

We live in a time when understanding the interconnection of all life is necessary in considering the impact of choices we make. This understanding of whole-body systems applies to individuals and communities, and it is also relevant for restoring balance on a global scale. We become aware of the whole-body system of a living Earth.

Many of us have become accustomed to living from a brain-centered reality. While this has been a great gift for impressive advancement and growth, it is clear that humanity faces many challenges which require our collective evolution. How can we expand this gift and development of our brain-mind to our entire body, our entire being? How can we live with more awareness of the interconnections both within ourselves and within the systems we are part of? How can we better understand the whole picture, both of ourselves and of our environment?

Embodied Awareness, experiencing Life from a whole-body system, is one way to actively participate in these explorations.



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