About Me

Image courtesy Claudia Rauber, Corative Vista

Image courtesy Claudia Rauber, Corative Vista

My name is Dana Klepper-Smith. I am a writer, ritual theater performer, and embodied awareness facilitator from New Mexico, USA. I am currently a student at 7Generations alternative business school in Bern, Switzerland. Drawing on a background in therapy and a healing journey of over a decade of deep process work and learning with many wisdom-keepers, I facilitate both individual and group exploration in cultivating awareness and reconnecting to body. Calling on the powers of Breath, Sound, Movement, Pleasure, and Awareness, I hope to inspire remembrance of the sacred, embodied Self.

My personal journey of navigating chronic illness has been both shadow and guide to deepen exploration of the inner realms, to activate healing potential, and to meet world and self with expanding awareness. These explorations led me to create MythDance, a movement and meditation modality which explores the union of embodiment and transcendence, through the context of world mythology. The mythic and archetypal energies that emerge from creative process have also been sacred ground for collaboration and ritual art activism.

I believe that the ancient and rising wisdom of sacred embodiment is not only a personal or group process, but also is key to our species remembering ourselves as part of Gaia, living Earth, and restoring balance on a global scale. I am a great lover of all of nature's creatures, with a special love of insects.

Weaving with rainbow strands of ceremony, play, and wild earth wisdom, I invite others to come dance!