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We Awaken the Earth of our Bodies;

We Awaken with the Body of the Earth.

Upcoming Events:

  • Weekly Earth Awake 5-Element Gathering

    Day and Time: Fridays, 9-10:30 Please Register Below

    Location: Currently outside, weather permitting. Open Circle, Morillonstrasse 77, 3007 Bern. Facing Hostel77, walk around to the left of the building. We will meet there just before 9 and walk from there.

    Bring water and a blanket or mat you don’t mind having outdoors.


Earth Awake is a doorway to awaken our connection, both with ourselves and with each other. Our inherent Powers of Breath, Sound, Movement, Pleasure, and Awareness awaken our inherent Power of Relationship, the foundation of All Life.

Through the Air of Breath, we listen to the foundational rhythm of Life. We breathe from our Center and make contact with the Life Force moving through and around us. We embody the paradox of inhale and exhale, receiving and giving, expansion and contraction.

Through the Water of Sound, we access the power of vibration, the foundation of all matter. We give voice to express who we are. We know the stillness and sound of our Center. We weave our voices in deep listening and in co-creation.

Through the Earth of Movement, we dance our dreams into reality. We learn to move in new ways, to adapt, to move from our Center. We align our actions with our deeper Truth and learn to dance our collective dreaming.

Through the Fire of Pleasure, we dare to feel. We wake up to the life force that is alive inside of us. We remember how profoundly nourishing gratitude is for our Body-Mind. We know the pleasure of receiving and of giving; we know the pleasure of Connection.

Through the Spirit of Awareness, we know ourselves as the Sacred Self interconnected to all Life, to the entire cosmos. We remember the profound Joy of being alive. This Joy is big enough to hold the inhale and exhale, the sound and silence, the movement and stillness, the pleasure and pain, the self and the other. This Joy is also big enough to completely let it all go.

Through these 5 elements, we remember the wisdom that is within our cells. We remember how to relate from our whole Body. We relate to ourselves in a new way, and so we can relate to others in a new way.

By learning to live from a whole-body system, we can learn to:

  • Transform stress patterns and move into more Joy and ease

  • Listen deeply to ourselves and to each other

  • express our truth

  • Add SPICE to our relationships with heightened sensory awareness

  • Deepen and reawaken connection, both with Ourselves and with others

  • LOVE our Bodies!!